in Gekritzel

trickz to stay healthy #01

  • shop amazon at night and order too late for delivery on time, even with prime membership. cancel the order.
  • fuck around, their hate will make u stronger.
  • iss Speed statt Twix, da bleibt mehr Geld für Amphetamine zum Abnehmen.
  • trinke Adelholzener Iso-Drinks und steig nach einer Flasche auf Wasser um, weil dein Mund zusammen klebt.
  • visit your local electronics store so you’ll get angry about stupid ads, stupid music and stupid people. don’t buy anything and wait till your next visit.
  • only follow people with your nation’s flag as profile pics on twitter. read their tweets and the emerging igry will burn calories in secs.
  • eat eat eat cause death will stop us anyway.
  • don’t listen to what they say, just measure it in inches (stolen from Andy Warhol).
  • always have a big supply of ice-cream cause you never know when you’re in need.
  • if you have too many friends to keep up with just play a match of Risiko with them. They’ll melt away like butter.