in Erlebtes, Gekritzel, Rausch

how can’t you party to lorde’s sick songwriting

let’s go down to the river, to the sea i mean, sorry, see u there. we almost crash cause somehow we ride the same way, 2 on 1 road. in the other directions other bikers are coming so we geben gummi oder bremsen ab. people on bikes doin‘ some kind of dance on tiny roads next to the river, people riding to the sea.

under thee tree we’re used too are some guys we know but don’t want to recognize so we lie down and pretend not to see anything. sweets in the burning sun, mentions and notification melting under the glass of smartphones. 5 new ways to use ur selfie stick next to a river, sorry, it’s the sea.

eiter unter pflastern, sweat running down forming a river, combined in joy, filled with dirt. my phone plays back news of the past weekend and they feel relevant and dated at the same time. how shall we go on, where shall we ride, is there anything to drink at stake. dogs walking with some humans next to the river, these strange humans always need auslauf. we drive by, also buy stuff at the supermarket.

dear rewe employee, excuse me, do you have stuff that’s good to drink solo but also mixes well with other liquids. expensive vodka? no, but please some ofen chees too. feierabend, mahlzeit, brezen, mozzarella sticks with bärlauch topping. den eiter abstreifen, neue mullbinden abwickeln.

we’re driving caddyläkks (how does one write this stupid brand?) in our dreams, we study the streets, it’s so boring what they’re talking about. so we dance in the world all alone at night when the speakers sound so damn damn right. but people are talkin‘ but people are talkin‘
Ich empfehle einen sehtest cause without perfect fitting neon glasses i cant read a single fuckin letter of this smart tv’s youtube app. listening to your favorite tunes on youtube is like eating ur favorite records, you keep on bleeding cause all the little vinyl pieces ripped ur stomach apart. blubber, blubber, bass-hit, anziehen, keeping ur stuff inside while getting back orientation. soll ich mir den saft selbst holen. ich bitte dich, please, i beg you.

wir sind zu alt for these poeple, to young for their jokes, to mature for all these abbreviations. TTTTOOOTTTPPPPIIEECCCEEE, speak out lout every single letter to get an impression of what was happening. seit wann verabschieden wir uns mit piece, wouldn’t victory be better. soda, jäger, johannisbeernektar. pöbelblick, this glass isn’t a honest one, this are only 2 cl of liquid. Dult is, wists, Wiesn is. in the tv they say that lederhosn are fashionable again, but only for girls. sorry all you sexy boys, you have to wear chinos all night long.

the crowd says things like don’t schwul me on or lass bros for hoes anschauen. oder before hoes? kopfschütteln, abbreviations, wo sind wir hier, zumindest fast kühles bier. salvation through okay series, very bad synchro, one guy syncing all characters – in german. how very zeitgenössisch, they talk about tinder and justin bieber. 2 things going well together. we stop this to listen to some quality pop musik. ist das überhaupt n kerl, mit dem piercing through his nose. one man’s nose has to be untouched – or what?! better look out cause I might hit ur nose – and I won’t hit it with a piercing needle. but with a bong. dong. switch to very high kinda gentle female voices, – uhh turn it down. okay, so the same super cool rap songs by ugly guys one more time baby just one more time.

wenn ich da in berlin wäre, i mean, i could go to this party. even though they play goa there. we could skip the dancing thing. noch 5 minuten, dann schmeiß ich euch raus. aber hey, this isn’t part of my contract. we came together to drink together. and this isn’t a one night project. tomorrow again, same place, same river, same sea, same dogs, the same super good looking cat, she’s a wild thing. in a basement there. klatsch und tratsch that it might actually be a cinema. hopefully they play pitch perfect there.

peace out, brudi.
wenn du meinst.
time – can i kill with u? dreams of white tees, we’re driving caddyläkks in them.