in Gekritzel

our lives, our politics, all transformed to a mere lifestyle

aren’t we all seeking to express our political view, our aesthetics, our bodies in everyday life. of course we do, no question mark needed, stupid question, setzen sechs. but living your life isn’t that easy and probably never will be. if you believe in this right or another you try to buy different things. if you like this music and not that music you visit different clubs. self-expression is so damn fucking easy. and to make it all even worse you think your way is the way.

but hey, here’s ur wake-up call. there is a consumer plan for every belief, viewpoint, opinion. if you believe in chakra and shit, no problem, we have some expensive stones and books for you. two homeless people starve in front of allnatura ads at the auslage of the supermarket. buy this milk to make the cow – and most importantly – yourself happy. also buy a cheap one for these two strangers, please. no problem, right? it’s worth it for the warm fuzzy feeling in your belly, right?

There are enough color variations of new era sneakers for all humans on this planet, but that’s not enough for them. people wearing these sneakers meet up in fucked-up, upcycled, super fancy bars talking about some leftist politics, avoiding conflicts cause they’re all the same opinion. they should meet up in some of those stupid sports bars shouting furiously at some bullshit-talking customers. or at least steal something valuable. but maybe we just feel so alone with the individual color scheme of our sneakers so that we need some group vibezzz.

post-scriptum: New Era Sneakers are okay, so is that fancy bio-cheese. I like it that würzig.